Why Fine Blue Line

Our reputation for quality workmanship speaks for itself  that's why we are always in demand.   We takes pride in our work and are fully insured.

We do all types of construction, remodelling and repairs  there is no job too small. "If it's part of your home we can fix it!"  and  you won't find another company more qualified.  We use  the best quality material  available for your project.


96% of  jobs turn into repeat customers for additional home improvement projects. 4% of our repairs are one time customers selling their home and leaving the area.  We are on time and complete all our jobs.

Before you start your project give us a call it's FREE  and we will give you a FREE Estimate.

Some contracts will give you a lower estimate and then  increase they price after they have started or may not finish your project.

Fine Blue Line

Our goal is a satisfied customer every time, We guarantee our workmanship and  should you have a problem we will be there to fix it. 90 % of our customers are from referrals,  Fine Blue Line wants you as a life time customer.

Contractors Mistakes we found

Yes you may get a cheaper estimate and when your job is finished it may even look great but what was done behind the wall or under the floor makes it important for safety and long lasting. Some contractors will cut corners to save money like use cheap screws that will rust or are not as strong. Caulking that is not mold resistance,  using drywall where cement board should be. Open electrical splices in walls. These are only a few things that could happen.

Fine Blue Line will not use cheaper material to save money because we want it to last. We believe in doing the job right the first time and should you have a problem we are always there to fix it.  85% of the time your finial cost is less than our estimate because when we save on material we pass the savings to you. We also take our time on every job to make sure it's done right.

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Fine Blue Line  is a family owned business start in 2009. We believe you should take pride in what you do and do it to the best of your  ability and ever customer must be satisfied.  We serve  Orange County only

Cedar Crest Properties

Need to sell your house quick ?   Does your house need a lot of work?  We buy Houses CASH

Cedar Crest Properties buys, rebuilds, and sells homes. All homes are rebuild by Fine Blue Line and DeckScapes  to give you a quality home.

For more Information call us (845) 288-1749

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Fine Blue Line (845) 774-3456
Fine Blue Line (845) 774-3456
Fine Blue Line (845) 774-3456